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Monday, January 22, 2018
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 ""From a mission to a church with a mission…"

New Salem Baptist Church started as a mission in 1951.  The mission

sponsored by Lincoln Baptist Church which is now Heritage

Baptist Church
in Huntsville, Alabama.  The first meetings were

held on Dug Hill Road in the
home and tractor shed of

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Anderson.  Rev. Edward
Hovis pastored

the mission until 1953.  Early that year the mission was

to a vacant house owned by Mr. Burns Drake.  This house is located
 on what is now Old Big Cove road approximately one-half mile
south of the intersection of Old Big Cove Road and Sutton Road/Cecil Ashburn Drive.
It was in the front yard of this house on October 23, 1953, that this

mission was organized into New Salem Baptist Church.  The

thirty-three devoted Christians whose prayers were the foundation

for this church are hereunto subscribed as charter members. 

Rev. J.L Ivey served as the church's first pastor.  According to the Church Letters, other Pastors serving
 at New Salem have been Rev. Paul W. Dinkins (1955), Rev. Millard G. Mann (1956),
Rev. Glenn Bishop (1957), Rev. G. Norman Mitchell (March, 1958- October, 1974) and
 Rev. Richard Anderson (January 1975 - October, 2011) 
In October, 1954, the congregation began construction of a new

church building on the present site located at 314 James Road

in southeast Madison County, Alabama.  Through the toils of the

member's labor and love, the building was completed in 1955. 

Under the leadership of Pastor Rev. Norman Mitchell, a new

sanctuary was erected in 1963, and, in 1967, a new educational

building was completed.  Rev. Mitchell led the church from 1958

until October, 1974.

In January, 1975, Rev. Richard Anderson answered the call to guide

the church.  Then, on June 15, 1986, ground breaking services were

held for a new sanctuary.  This sanctuary was completed and the

first services held on March 8, 1987. 

In 1998, the church was blessed with the completion of a new

educational wing dedicated to our children and youth.  The growth

of our facilities has been matched by the increase of new members. 

From 1997-2000  an outreach program called "200 X 2000" resulted

in 120 additions to the church - with the highlight being the 65 salvation

decisions!  In 2002, an outreach program called "GROW" was

established and has been a very effective outreach tool for New Salem.

In 2004, New Salem purchased one point zero eight acres of land

immediately to the north of the present holdings. The purchase of this

land has opened doors for more parking and the planning of

a future Christian Life Center. Architects have completed a Master Plan of Growth

for New Salem. This Master Plan includes five phases of growth including

a Christian Life Center, renovation of the present Fellowship Hall into

an Administrative Wing and a new Sanctuary if growth continues.

This Master Plan should carry New Salem well into the future if the Lord tarries.
In October, 2010, New Salem had their 57th Annual Homecoming in our new Christian Life Center.
"Our new building is not overlaid with gold - although you might think so when we look at the total cost.
Our building does have a large, useful kitchen area with 2 large cooler, a new icemaker, 2 stoves, 2 "microwave"
overns and plenteous cabinet space and office space and large rest rooms and a beauitful enty foyer.  And
our new building has a wondrous, wide open area of more than 6,000 feet to play, and eat and fellowship like
we have never been able to do before.  Oh! Praise be to the living God for His goodness to us!" quoted by
Rev. Richard Anderson.
On October, 14, 2011, Our beloved pastor Rev. Richard Anderson was promoted to Glory.
Rev. Richard Anderson came to New Salem in 1975 and served for more than 35 years; he will be deeply missed.  He and Ms. Betty
and their family have touched so many lives down through the years, and Bro Richard las led many, many souls to a saving knowledge
of Jesus Christ.  In fact, in his years as our "under Sheppard", more than 470 people have been baptized into the fellowship
of New Salem.
New Salem has gone through four majoy facilities improvements under Bro Richard's leadership, along with countless revivals, homecomings and
special workship services.  Plus, there is no way to number the many weddings and funerals over which Bro Richard presided.
We can simply thank God for the time we enjoy Bro Richard's presence and leardship, and try to press on toward the calling that the Lord
has for New Salem.  We can do that which Bro Richard so often called us to do. "Tie a knot in the rope, and hang on."
Let's all hang together as we seek God's will for our church, and as we remember and pray for Ms. Betty and all the family.
 We continue to grow and to seek God's guidance as

we reach out to
the community and to the world.  What began as a

mission is now a vibrant,
growing church with a mission...a mission to

proclaim the gospel, to praise
God in the highest and to worship in

spirit and in truth as we await the Lord's
On Sunday, June 3, 2012, Rev. Michael Shaneyfelt was voted in as the new Pastor of New Salem Baptist Church.  Bro. Mike has been interim Pastor since Bro Richard was promoted to Glory  Oct. 14, 2011 and he  has served as Associate Pastor for over twenty five years.  Lets pray for Bro Mike and his wife Carol and daughter Andrea as we start a new journey here at New Salem until the Lord's return.

The church's first deacons were: 

Mr. John Neal

Mr. Homer Martin

Mr. Edward Blackburn


New Salem Baptist Church

Charter Members (1953)

             John Neal           

Josie Hillis

Pearl Neal

Mabel Lanier Brewer

Jewel Cobb

Ruth Lanier Boyd

Rillie Cobb

Tinnie Keel

Lena Mae Cobb

Donnie Stone

Bessie Cobb

Lucille Stone

Ellen "Granny" Cobb

Betty Jean Neal Treece

Leonard Cobb

Clift Sanderson

Lily Cobb

Ruth Sanderson

Betty Faye Cobb

Patricia Sanderson

Monroe "Pa" Clemons

Imogene Martin Clayton

Octy "Ma" Clemons

Dorothy Ellett Stokes

Felix Clemons

Essie Mae Hillis Sanderson

Melvin Clemons

Mrs. Georgia Hillis

Roy Clemons

Peggy Hillis Satterfield

Rev. J.L. Ivey

Mary Ellen Cobb Thompson

Lucille Ivey